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Community members join as a digital nation that accesses a decentralized platform of services that enables them to vote on the projects that get funded, find regenerative information, and use a community currency that spurs regeneration


It's pretty simple. Basically, the community creates a decentralized pay-it-forward fund that is allocated by the voting of the community.

1. Regenerative projects apply for funding

2. Community votes on projects to fund

3. Projects report on how they use funds 

Regen Tulum takes in funds from its members and donors. Regenerative projects submit proposals for funding to Regen Tulum.

The Regen Tulum community votes on the projects to be funded through the Regen Tulum website. Projects are notified if they will receive funds and the terms.

The funding are sent to the project. The project reports back to Regen Tulum their progress and impact.


Image by Jakob Owens

Regeneration directory - a directory of all things regeneration including regenerative projects, products, and services that anyone can add or edit. The directory includes volunteer opportunities, regenerative communities, as well as hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with regenerative practices. Information is validated before posting to the public directory.   


Decentralized public works - public works are land improvements such as roads, schools, and reservoirs, carried out by the government for the community. But what happens if the local government is not equipped or inclined to fund regenerative projects? Regen Tulum decentralizes public works so that the community decides which projects are essential and get funded.     

Image by Pierce Levy

Digital nation - the next level of digital experience is purpose-driven online communities with their own dedicated layer over the web. This enables digizens to meet and interact directly or through specific content on any webpage. Not only that they earn tokens for the value their contributions create.   

Image by Visual Stories || Micheile

Community currency - community or local currencies have been around for a long time. They provide ways to keep capital circulating within the local community and to ascribe value to things that are not valued in the traditional economy. Now with blockchain technology, community currency can be decentralized, secure, and  streamlined for use.    

Digital nation


Let's regenerate Mexico's fastest growing town

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