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In the above video, Veronica Anderson of Sanadora and HOMEdash demonstrates how to list your regenerative project in the Regen Tulum Decentralized Directory and earn credit for recommending others for the directory. Spanish and English subtltulos and bookmarks available. 

In the above video, Daveed Benjamin explains a Regen Tulum Cornerstone: the Decentralized Directory that has all things regeneration for Tulum. The Yelp for regeneration in Tulum. Spanish and English subtitulos.

Quintana Roo, Mexico. Tulum’s visitors and even locals have a hard time finding out about regenerative projects, products, and services as well as volunteer opportunities. That’s because there is no place to find all things regeneration. Essentially, Tulum needs a local Yelp for regeneration as well as a community calendar.


Currently, almost all information about products, services, and events are shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Due to the ephemeral nature of these platforms, there is no place online that aggregates this information for people interested in regeneration, health, and wellbeing. Our decentralized directory and community calendar will become the Tulum information hub for this type of information including TulumCoin network members.  


A directory has network effects by virtue of the number of people who use the directory, the number of people who enter offerings, the number of offerings in the directory, and the number of people who participate in the offerings. 


The directory and community calendar are decentralized in that no one company, NGO, or government agency owns or controls them. They are controlled by the community and specifically the people who submit and validate listings. To encourage a community to grow around the calendar, we are creating a referral program for directory listings, for posting events (including events of others based on information publicly posted), and for validating directory listings and calendar events.   


The directory has all things regeneration including regenerative projects, products, and services; volunteer opportunities and regenerative communities; as well as hotels, restaurants, and other businesses with regenerative practices. Information is validated before posting to the public directory.  Anyone can add or edit, and they receive fair compensation for the value their contribution creates in the ecosystem.


The directory will enable anyone to quickly find regenerative products and services as well as what establishments accept the TulumCoin.


The directory also includes a Tulum events calendar that can promote events organized by Regen Tulum or any other member of the local community.

For context/background and to learn more about the Directory initiative and view veronica's full launch presentation view this video.

Apply to be in the directory. Receive your reward in TulumCoin, our community currency

Help us grow our community. Recommend a regenerator for the directory and earn rewards

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