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In the above video, Daveed Benjamin explains a Regen Tulum cornerstone: the digital nation that brings people worldwide to protect and regenerate Tulum. Spanish and English subtltulos and bookmarks available. 

Quintana Roo, Mexico. 

The TulumCoin project initiates the Regen Tulum digital nation. 


Digital nations are purpose-aligned or identity-based online communities which exist over the web. This enables their digizens (digital citizens) to meet and interact directly or through specific content on any webpage. Digizens earn fair compensation in governance tokens for the value their online and offline activities create which confer the right to vote. For example, registering for the digital nation, submitting a directory or calendar listing, and volunteering at a beach cleanup. Votes can be advisory or actionable. Advisory votes provide a snapshot of the network sentiment.  Digizens vote on how the nation and its currency operate. 


Digital nations have network effects by virtue of the number of digizens, the amount of content they create, and the connectedness of the content. 


The Regen Tulum Digital nation provides a safe digital space to: 

  • Think, learn, and build regenerative knowledge together anywhere on the web 

  • Earn fair compensation for regenerative activities online and in real life

  • Meet, interact, and collaborate on any web page knowing that all are real people in good standing

  • Find, purchase, and share regenerative products and services from a decentralized directory

  • Vote on regenerative projects in Tulum as well as the governance of the community currency and the Regen Tulum project.

Apply to be in the directory. Receive your reward in TulumCoin, our community currency

Help us grow our community. Recommend a regenerator for the directory and earn rewards

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